SoundCloud Rap

Join SoundCloud Rap!

SoundCloud Rap is a platform & community created to connect hip hop fans with diverse rap music. It is a database of hip hop music streaming from SoundCloud and the community of rappers, producers and fans who utilize the platform.

How do I join SoundCloud Rap?

  1. Upload your music to SoundCloud
  2. Register the songs you’d like to submit to SoundCloud Rap. Song submissions are $30.
  3. Our editors will email you to acquire your songs and artist information

What happens after I join SoundCloud Rap?

Songs accepted to SoundCloud Rap will be added to our official database on and reposted on our SoundCloud (@Rap). Your music will be shared on our YouTube shows, other social media sites, and wherever the SoundCloud Rap presence is felt. Editors will listen to all music submissions and choose their favorites to feature.

How does my song win?

  • Once you’ve submitted your music, you don’t have to do anything
  • SoundCloud Rap editors will listen & choose their favorites
  • Encourage your fans to play, like, repost and comment on your SoundCloud song(s). Use #soundcloudrap on Twitter to share your music. Fan interaction is not required but we will factor in activity and feedback.

My song was selected as a feature! Are there prizes?

Yes! Every Sunday, we will select a featured song to add to our official playlists. Members who’ve submitted featured songs will receive a percentage of our Prize Pool. Whenever a new member joins SoundCloud Rap, $10 will be added to the Prize Pool. As the community grows, the old and new winners will be rewarded. The Prize Pool will be divided and payments will be sent out at the end of every month. All Prize Pool payments will be publicly listed on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many songs can I submit? You can submit as many songs as you’d like. There is a one time submission fee person song.
  • Why do you charge a submission fee? Your fee guarantees:
    1. a music editor will make time to listen to/appreciate your music
    2. a web editor will add your music to our web platforms
    3. money will be allocated for the weekly awards
  • Can I win more than once? Each song can only be added to our playlist once. You’re allowed to submit multiple songs so if you win more than once, your percentage of the Prize Pool will increase proportionately.
  • When & how do I receive payment? We send payments the last Sunday of every Month. We send payments via:
    • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin / Ethereum / Litcoin / etc)
    • Zelle
    • CashApp
    • Venmo
    • other
  • Does my music have to be in English? Do I have to live in the United States? No & no! Our editors may not understand the words in your music (you’re welcome to send English translations if you’d like) but we’re appreciative of the aesthetics. We’re hoping to expand the SoundCloud Rap community to a global scale and welcome music from anywhere.